Time No Longer Christian Camp and Orphanage (TNL) was registered in 2008. It is a non-profit, non-governmental agency with a focus on developing and assisting, new Christian based orphanages and camps. The camps and orphanages will be developed and run based on Christian beliefs. Assistance will be in the areas that help the children become future responsible citizens of their communities. We would cooperate with various agencies to provide necessary information and assistance in the areas of health, education, evangelism, agriculture, accommodation, and values. The efforts of TNL will involve orphaned children, widows, and the destitute. We will involve experts, volunteers, role-models and encourage adoption where and when possible.


TNL provides assistance to orphanages and camps with advice, workshops, and volunteers in the areas of education, health, agriculture and accommodation/feeding for orphaned children. The Bible will be the foundation for all assistance in spiritual affairs. For the widows we will provide seminars and workshops on hand training in farming practices. We may provide housing for very few destitute widows. We organize programmes to keep people aware of the orphaned children and people are encouraged to write the children and sponsor any of the children for as long as they are able to. James I verse 27.


To create an environment where orphaned children can have another chance at surviving in this world through providing them with education, preventive health measures, skills in the area of crafts, agriculture, some computer literacy, housing, feeding, and clothing in African rural communities.


To operate in rural African communities to foster development that will enhance continual development of orphanage children, so that they can compete in life with other more advantaged children.


Primarily to provide security to orphanage children in terms of housing, feeding, clothing, health, education, and skills that will enable them secure jobs or start their own businesses. Also assist surrounding communities on improving their standards of living, through equipping them with important economic, health and educational information. Preventive medicine, good water supply, and sound agricultural principles will be made a goal in this pursuit at helping the communities in a wide variety of issues. Counseling services will be made available to the communities in a wide variety of issues.

Every child is entitled to love, home, education, and care in the absence of fear and uncertainties of tomorrow. Be a parent of these children - "Lend to the Lord"  Proverb 19 verse 17.